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Corona Technical Services


OrionTrainingSolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Training is recommended for individuals seeking knowledge and expertise ranging from day-to-day administration to extended customization and modification of their Orion NPM system. The SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Training course enables students to utilize ALL the features and functionality of Orion NPM to gain the maximum advantage of monitoring and reporting on their network environment. Upon course completion students will better understand how to analyze and properly respond to the information collected and presented by the Orion NPM system. Corona Technical Services was the First Company Authorized to provide Training onf Solarwinds products.



ToolsCorona Technical Services offers SolarWinds software – the award-winning network-management, network-monitoring and network-discovery tools from SolarWinds. Designed to meet the diverse requirements of today’s network- management and consulting professionals, SolarWinds software provides you with cost-effective high-performance network solutions. Corona was the first Authorized Reseller of Solarwinds Products and has and can assist you in determining exactly which Network Management Solution will help you solve you best manage and troubleshoot your network.


Professional Services

SolarwindsCertifiedMany times companies have large projects or implementations that require expert technical resources to meet deadlines, and to effectively complete a product implementation with minimal issues. Corona Professional Services are designed to ensure timely and expert delivery of individual customer projects and may be engaged at any time throughout the project lifecycle. Corona Professional Services consultants are available at a per-day rate according to a predefined schedule and a statement of work defining clear deliverables. This is developed and agreed upon between Corona and the customer prior to commencement of the consulting engagement. Experienced Corona Technical Services consultants will work directly with the you to ensure the efficient execution of the project according to the statement of work agreement. Corona Technical Services has over a decade of experience in the installation and configuration of Orion Network Performance Monitor and is available to assist you in expediting your return on investment by getting you online faster.


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